Monthly Archives: August 2013

Play 4K Video on Android Using Free 4K Video Player

Yes, 4K UltraHD video is coming to Android this year, according to Qualcomm. Despite that there’s a hot debate on whether 4K video capture and playback is really necessary, Qualcomm has already well prepared to bring this impressive spec to Android devices together with the upcoming Snapdragon 800 chip. That’s to say, Qualcomm believes there […]

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Transcoding Canon C500 4K Raw to FCPX for Smooth Editing

What makes Canon C500 an impressive 4K Cinema Camera? The remarkable highlights, of course, which include 8.8 Mp super 35mm CMOS sensor, 10-Bit 4K RAW at up to 60p EF Lens Mount for broad compatibility, ability of capturing 2K footage (2,048 x 1,080 pixels) at 12-bit, full 4K RAW output of up to 4096 x […]

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