How to Play 4K Video on Galaxy S4 Smoothly

If you hang out on video-sharing websites a lot, say YouTube, you will surely find some astounding 4K videos there. Of course, you can enjoy the superb videos online, but please prepare yourself well for the discontinuity during the playback. Why not download the 4K videos and play them offline: on a professional 4K player-Sony FMP-X1 which’s priced at $699,or play the 4K videos on computer or portable mobile devices freely.

It is not surprising to find that many people are asking “is it possible to transfer 4K to mobile devices for playback?” or “I got some 4K videos from YouTube and planned to play 4K video on Galaxy S4, how can I make it?”. Indeed, $699 for a player is not everyone can afford, besides, tired of being tied up to computer, watching videos on mobile phones would be the next-best thing. The point is how to make Galaxy S4 4K be supported?


Honestly, there are two ways to allow you play 4K video on Galaxy S4: 1. download the first Android video player called MX Player which can support the playback of many videos including 4K. However, it has some inadequacies, for example, it fails to accept the video formats such as .flv and .xavc, which means you will have to convert 4K YouTube FLV videos to MX Player compatible format for playback. What’s worse, “using MX Video Player to play a video will error out and force the app to switch to software decoding.”, as some users claimed. Given all that, it’s recommended to try the second way – convert the 4K video to MX Player-accepted formats (with 4K quality kept) or downscale 4K videos to 1080P for Galaxy S4 by using Doremisoft 4K Video Converter which can fully support all 4K UHD and HD video formats such as XAVC, AVCHD, MXF, etc. Note that you can still get the fantastic watching experience since there is no distinct difference between 4K and 1080P while playing on a smart phone with 5-inch large screen.

How to make Galaxy S4 4K acceptable via the powerful 4K Video Converter is demonstrated as below.

Note: before the conversion, please download the 4K Video Converter for Mac/Windows, then install and run it.

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Step 1.Add 4K Source Files

Don’t forget to download, install and run the 4K video converter first. After entering the interface, click the “Add Files” button to load your 4K video files into the program. Importing single or multiple files at one time is up to you.

add 4k files

Step 2.Set Appropriate Output Format

There are many optimal output formats provided by the smart 4K video converter: 4K to mobile devices( iPhone, Galaxy S, HTC One, Blackberry, etc), 4K to popular applications(iMovie/FCP/Sony Vegas, etc). If you want to enjoy the 4K videos in MX Player, you can choose a proper output format from the “HD Video” format list in which way you can still enjoy the output video in 4K quality. Similarly, in order to downscale 4K to 1080P for playback on Galaxy S4, you should choose “Profile”-“Samsung”-“Samsung Galaxy S IV(*.mp4)” as the output format.

set output format

Step 3.Start the Conversion

Now, click the “Start” button to convert 4K to mobile devices Galaxy S4. You can view the progress in real-time and control the conversion freely. Once finished, you can play 4K video on Galaxy S4 without obstacles. Have fun!

convert video

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