How to Edit XAVC Footages on Final Cut Pro without Limitation

Sony has released two fantastic 4K camcorders (PWM-F5 and PWM-F55) for quite a few days. The most remarkable feature of the cool gadgets is the brand new XAVC format which was introduced by Sony in 2012. There are various indications that XAVC will play a dominant role in the future, but it is still too new to be accepted by most current devices, applications and software. It is not a fresh question as to “how can I convert XAVC to FCP for post production freely”.

xavc to fcp

Some users may find it quite easy to import XAVC to FCP X for editing by rendering to the latest plug-in “PDZK-LT2 vs1.10” which allows users to do editing to the XAVC in FCP X. However, it is a different story for the users who use the older version, say Final Cut Pro 7/6. Besides, it is a pity that the original XAVC video quality might be degraded during the editing since FCP X doesn’t provide optimization to the XAVC files. Therefore, in order to preserve the best video quality, the perfect way to edit XAVC in Final Cut Pro is to transcode XAVC to ProRes 422 MOV-acceptable format by FCP. As a matter of fact, there is lots of advertised software able to convert XAVC to FCP, but for quality’s sake, it is strongly recommended to use Doremisoft XAVC to FCP Video Converter for Mac which allows us to edit XAVC in Final Cut Pro effortlessly and with ZERO quality loss.

Note: If you are Windows user, please refer to the equivalent XAVC Video Converter for Windows to help you deal with the XAVC issues freely.

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As for the usage of this great converter, it is as easy as ABC. We will walk you through by taking the example of converting XAVC to FCP as below.

Step 1: Import XAVC Video Files to the Program

Before starting the conversion, you should download, set up and run Doremisoft XAVC Video Converter, then drag and drop the XAVC files from your computer into the program. You can also click the “Add Files” button to import single or multiple XAVC files into the converter at one time.

add xavc files

Step 2: Choose Final Cut Pro Apple ProRes 422 the Proper Output Format

After clicking the “Convert to” menu, you will see a drop-down list with many optimal presets. In order to edit XAVC in Final Cut Pro, we should choose “Final Cut Pro” >”Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)”as the output format.

Note: You can do personal editing to the video files by using the editing features provided.

set output format

Step 3: Begin to convert XAVC to FCP

After doing the editing to the XAVC files and checking the final result, hit the big “Start” button in lower right corner, and begin to convert XAVC to FCP. The conversion speed is based on the size of the files and configuration of your computer. After that, you can edit XAVC in Final Cut Pro freely as you like.

convert video

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